Here some pics of my many hobbies!

I try to keep busy or I start thinking too much and thats not a good thing!!

I have always liked to make things and got into woodwork, specifically Woodturning. I have recently made myself a purpose built workshop for my woodwork/woodturning so i have created a gallery of the construction and of a woodturned project. The woodturning project was a dumbell to be used for Dog Training (Obedience/Working Trials) which i also enjoy. Other hobbies include Boating and I have created a gallery of the renovation of my current boat. I did not buy it with the intention of an all out renovation but it ended up that way. My longest love (hobby) is shooting, i started when i was 12 on my Grandads land and now hunt & compete (20 yard target) as an adult. All my hobbies tie in to each other in one way or another. I can use the boat to travel to my dog training ground and also to one of my hunting grounds (lucky aren't i) the woodturning/woodworking means i can make parts for the boat and training aids (dumbells/jumps) for the dogs. Shooting often brings me more rabbits than i can eat so the dogs get some and nothing goes to waste. My most recent 'interest' is photography, I bought a DSLR (Canon 1000D) as i was sick of taking pics of the kids that were a blur. It has now started to take on a life of its own as you can do so much more with an DSLR than a compact. I have also created a gallery of my favourite Photo's. They may not be professional but i like them for one reason or another.



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